food for kidz hunger relief faqsIs my contribution tax deductible?

Yes. Feeding Children Stewart (dba. Food for Kidz) is a non-profit, 501 (c)(3) organization. Gifts are deductible to the full extent allowable under IRS regulations.

How much of my monetary donation goes toward food?


What countries are currently receiving food packages?

Currently, Afghanistan has been a target area for us to feed children in refugee camps, orphanages and schools where there is a 30% malnutrition rate which is famine level. Also, with the current refugee movement in the countries around Syria, we are actively pursuing avenues to assist them. Food from our warehouse in Stewart, MN is scheduled in the next several weeks to ship to the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Honduras and Nicaragua for distribution.

Can I organize my own event or do I have to attend one listed on the events calendar?

Yes! Request your packet today, and get started organizing your own event.The packet of information will include everything you need to communicate with your club or organization and get an event scheduled.

Is there a minimum number of people needed to host my own packing event?

No! Our motto is that we’ll go anywhere if we can effect the life of one child. There’s certainly someone receiving the food that gets packaged, but children helping to package food and help others are effected too. Contact us and we’ll help modify an event planning and details to fit your ability to help.

What if I’m not located close to your headquarters? Can I still organize a food packaging event?

Yes! It is important to us that we’re able to assist all people willing to volunteer, regardless of where you are located. Contact us and we’ll connect you with a partner in your area.

Can children help package food?

Yes, children ages pre-school and up are welcome to help according to their abilities.