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Make a Difference, Starting Today

Each day brings a new opportunity to bring comfort to someone experiencing more than their share of challenges. It’s our mission at Food for Kidz to package and distribute nutritious meals to hungry children and their families where crisis has struck and there is an immediate need. When situations like natural disasters, war, and famine seem insurmountable it’s important to remember that people like you coming together with friends and family to package food and offer compassion MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Regardless of how temporary the situation or how great the need every decision you make to touch the life of another begins a cycle of empowering change.

Change has to start somewhere and it’s often with the simplicity of a meal. We have always believed mobile packaging events are a good idea and can be the impetus of change in the lives of volunteers as well as those receiving the meals. Everywhere we go we are met with enthusiasm and a volunteering spirit that is great. Together we have been able to make a difference in the lives of millions of children all over the world!

Sustainability is the momentum that keeps change going in a direction that impacts lives for years to come. That’s why Food for Kidz is interested in reaching a hand out across the street or making connections around the world to amplify helpful actions into sustainable solutions.

What can one person do? You can do plenty!

Tell us about your idea for promoting sustainability in conjunction with our core services and how we might be able to work together!

Share your story that will inspire others to take action today!

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*Food for Kids is a non-profit organization.