Our Mission

Food for Kidz Mission StatementMission Statement

Our mission is to bring awareness to hunger issues in the world by involving others in the participation of packing a nutritional meal supplement for distribution. We also involve them in sustainability building to facilitate change to expand the concept of children’s’ experiences beyond their vision of local to incorporate the world and to service, promote and educate other organizations to encourage their commitment for the purpose of making positive results in the fight against hunger.


Promote, organize and service packing events around the United States, actively seeking the participation of others.

1.1 Mission

Bring the opportunity to make a difference in the world to school aged child. Facilitate service learning activities and events.

1.2 Mission

Promote, educate and service organizations with the start-up and continuation of their packing efforts made around the United States. Facilitate the purchase and delivery of bulk products and materials for their operations. Facilitate and promote the importance of cooperation among partner organizations for the purpose of combining the strengths of our talents and priorities for the accomplishments of common goals.

1.3 Mission

Introduce and promote economic development to bring sustainability to areas of the world who are experiencing food insecurity issues.